London II

London II Image Size: 171 KB
Resolution: 900×619

This photograph was taken in London, UK. Excellent perspective! It’s wonderful great picture! I love it.


My Sweet Shadow

My Sweet Shadow Image Size: 205 KB
Resolution: 900×617

This photograph was taken in Paris, France. I love the blue overtone. the shot has an amazing composition but the sky isn’t as amazing as most your other shots. but it’s still amazing. I want to go there someday. Great perspective!

The City Beneath The City

The City Beneath the City Image Size: 471 KB
Resolution: 850×581

Traveling in the speed of light in a place with no real lights. Everything is artificial, made to imitate life ten meters above. A beggar, a business man, a woman in high heels, a small girl, me. Flock of people following a blind shepherd, going somewhere and going then going back. In the city beneath the city light flickers in the rhythm of dying heart. I love how the curve of the roof leads you straight to the train and vice versa. And another thing I love is how the colour from the train stands out nicely.

Waiting For The Wind Of Change

Waiting For The Wind Of Change Image Size: 366 KB
Resolution: 800×548

Everything is still. It seems reality is here to stay. Maybe this is as good as it will get. But maybe our spirit is enough to make the difference. Still, here we are. Waiting for the wind of change. Another masterpiece. The muted value and yet variety of colors, the simple subject. It really combines to create a beautiful image. Kudos. Beautiful view, I love the colors!


Chessboard Image Size: 137 KB
Resolution: 517×750

This photograph was taken in Brussels, Belgium. I like it very much, it’s dark, but has a lot of depth in it, and the chessboard rocks. I love the perspective, tones and that cool nd grad.

Center Of USSR

Center Of USSR Image Size: 400 KB
Resolution: 1230×810

This is Novosibirsk, my hometown, capital of Siberia. The Chapel of St. Nicholas, originally built in 1915 to commemorate 300 years of Romanov rule, destroyed in 1930 and rebuilt in 1993, gleams in the middle of the photograph. I returned to Novosibirsk during my Siberian trip in summer of 2007, to shoot this image during a thunderstorm, from the inside of a car standing in traffic. This place, where I had lived for 9 years, had inspired my dreams and many of my paintings, as cloudscapes tend to be quite beautiful in Siberia.

Dressed In Pink

Dressed In Pink Image Size: 444 KB
Resolution: 550×800

The road might lead you there, but it’s up to you to make sure you can make it till the end of that road, and enjoy the ride while doing it. Do you check to see that you didn’t get off on the wrong junction? Do you check to see if you have enough gas? Do you ask yourself where this road leads to? Do you take your car to the shop to make sure it can take you there? You need to make sure you do all this with your life as well. Make sure you are on the right road. Please. Great photo, sharp, still and colorful. And this grim sky… I like it!